Julie Charron-Latour, PhD

The STARS approach to problem solving

Since January 2017, Bambou Space has been proud to collaborate with Boulart, an agri-food company located in Montreal, for the implementation of a simple and structured approach to problem solving: the STARS approach. This initiative is important because it allows all employees today, both managers and employees on the floor, to speak the same language.

Mario Garcia, Vice President of Operations, translates the current success in the teams by mentioning the following point:


I no longer need to recall the steps of problem solving, it has become a reflex””.


Alors qu’autrefois les équipes sautaient directement à la solution, le nouveau réflexe consiste à identifier un responsable chargé de l’analyse. Puis, en équipe, le responsable et des participants identifient les causes clés pour faciliter l’identification et la mise en place des solutions durables. In addition, with this common approach, he finds that team follow-ups are facilitated.


How Did the Implementation of the Approach Go?


The integration of the five-step approach took place first with managers and then with employees in the field. The deployment was gradual and several stages enabled this transition. The approach was introduced during the morning meetings. The managers would raise the current issues and rather than jumping to the solution, they would identify a person responsible and look for the associated causes.

As in any deployment, some teams have shown a particular interest in adhering to the approach and have “contaminated” the rest of the teams with their success. This approach now comes to life in the context of specific committees or projects. For example, with the bakery team, it was used to work as a team on the discrepancies observed in performance indicators such as the OOE, overall operations effectiveness..


The Results of the STARS Approach for Boulart


Today, more than a hundred improvements have been made with the teams. Today, Boulart wishes to continue the process with Bambou Space by offering short, specific and applied training courses in order to set new standards in connection with the problem-solving approach.

Bambou Space is a team of experts who help business leaders create a corporate culture where continuous improvement is valued as a driver of growth and performance. We believe it is important to consolidate new learning and work on new reflexes step by step. The proposed initiatives fit into your reality. Our STARS problem-solving approach is now at the heart of our training, our support, and our Bottom-Up Solution. We are convinced that this approach is the key to a sustainable continuous improvement process.