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With an appropriate approach, supporting the bottom-up is an asset to your continuous improvement process . Yet too many leaders make the mistake of thinking that the bottom-up comes down to setting up a suggestion box. Rather, it is a mechanism that allows continuous improvement to be experienced every day with as many people as possible.


This questionnaire proposes to get to know your organization better, to obtain your score on the maturity of your improvement process and to prepare an action plan to introduce the bottom-up.


Answer each of the questions, we will immediately email you your results as well as the possibility of making an appointment with one of our experts (30 minutes free) to feed your thoughts and prepare a game plan.


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Continuous Improvement Evaluation Questionnaire

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1- I am a manager and I want to set up a simple and flexible continuous improvement process.


Six Sigma Green Belt certification, realization of a first Kaizen project, implementation of a 5S … Starting an improvement process comes with several questions.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you see things clearly and guide you in your strategic decisions.


2- My organization has identified continuous improvement, employee engagement and change management as strategic priorities.


Pilot project, corporate project… You have many questions about the best way to spread continuous improvement in your teams in a winning and sustainable way.

We have the answers for you.


3- We are already implementing continuous improvement initiatives and want to involve employees more.


If you are wondering how to increase employee engagement and participation in your continuous improvement efforts, we are here to advise and equip you.


I want to complete my evaluation


How did we construct this evaluation?


Our 10-question assessment helps capture the conditions for success in continuous improvement processes. Our questions are drawn from Lean and Six Sigma principles. We have divided our questionnaire into four main sections.


1- The Bambou Space team is convinced that the work environmentinfluences to a large extent the success of continuous improvement processes. It is necessary to determine the external and internal pressures that apply to our work environment. For example, external pressures can translate into a need to innovate quickly in a very competitive environment or to reduce costs in a commodity sector. Internal pressures can come from the increasing complexity of our processes or from an unbalanced workload within the teams.


2- Then, we seek to understand the individualswho make up your organization: have they received a six sigma black belt or six sigma green belt certification, what projects have they carried out, who now perceives the added value of continuous improvement approaches?


3- Problem solving does not come naturally to most individuals, so we need to rely on toolsto help us think differently and above all, avoid jumping straight to solutions without having taken the time to understand the problem and the root cause. We want to ensure that your continuous improvement tools such as 5S, work cells, process mapping are mastered by your team and support your organizational culture.


4- Finally, our assessment seeks to understand what processesare in place in your organization to facilitate the meeting between management teams and the field. These moments of exchange are essential to ensure a healthy continuous improvement process.


These four components allow us to evaluate your current approach and to offer you personalized recommendations. It’s your turn to try it!

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