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15 August 2022

The Bottom-Up Approach

Before trying to carve out a share of the market or manage a large project, it is recommended to have a well-defined management style. Unquestionably, a supportive manager pushes his employees to push their limits and to give their best.

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team together


15 August 2022 team together

The Bottom-Up Approach

Before trying to carve out a share of the market or manage a large project, it is recommended to have a well-defined management style. Unquestionably, a supportive manager pushes his employees to push their limits and to give their best.

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20 July 2022 Collaboration

4 Proofs That Continuous Improvement Drives Collaboration

In 2022, it is essential to encourage employees to collaborate. But it doesn’t stop there. The work environment must be conducive to collaboration and managers must be able to turn to concrete initiatives to encourage it, practicing collaborative leadership.

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5 April 2022 Muscle de l'amélioration continue

How Can Continuous Improvement Fit Into Our Work Habits?

Is it absolutely necessary to deploy a continuous improvement team or to set up a department – to do continuous improvement?

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30 March 2022 Mobilisation_employés

How do you engage employees in continuous improvement initiatives?

How to get an employee who trusts the organisation’s approach, understands how he or she can participate in it on a regular basis and takes concrete actions to contribute to it.

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16 March 2022

Why use consultants to implement continuous improvement?

Let’s discover the 4 reasons to work with an external team to implement your continuous improvement process

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10 March 2022 2022

The benefits of continuous improvement in 2022

Let’s discover together the benefits that continuous improvement can bring to an organization in 2022.

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1 March 2022

The Fundamental Principles of the Continuous Improvement Model

More than ever, managers are facing many challenges on a daily basis : labor shortage, retention, high productivity standards, customer satisfaction, managing a team remotely, compliance with quality standards… What if we told you that there was one approach to overcoming all of these challenges?

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3 February 2022

Continuous improvement, a sustainable solution to the labor shortage

In our article “The 3 underestimated impacts of the labor shortage”, we studied the business impact of losing employees. Then, in our previous article, we analyzed the causes of the problem. Now is the time to turn to suitable and sustainable solutions ; not only to minimize the impact of the labor shortage within our organization, but to make our employees mobilized and thus avoid a disaster in terms of retention.

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25 January 2022

The 3 REAL causes of your employees leaving

Chez Bambou Space, nous croyons qu’avant de sauter à la solution, il est primordial de comprendre les causes du problème.

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19 January 2022

The 3 underestimated impacts of labour shortages

Don’t underestimate the impact associated with the loss of one or more employees, especially in a context of labour shortage.

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22 November 2021

How to collect Voice of the Customer data

One of the best ways for a company to improve its customer experience is to […]

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14 September 2021

The STARS approach to problem solving

Since January 2017, Bambou Space has been proud to collaborate with Boulart, an agri-food company […]

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14 September 2021 Zoom Remote Work Collaboration

How to Improve Collaboration Through Zoom?

Today, collaboration rhymes with remote meetings on Zoom or another videoconferencing system.   What Is […]

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17 August 2021

Assess your continuous improvement approach

  10 questions. 10 minutes. Get the full story on your continuous improvement process.   […]

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27 January 2021

How to solve problems effectively as a team AT A DISTANCE?

La situation mondiale actuelle nous oblige à s’organiser efficacement, à établir de nouvelles méthodes de […]

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16 April 2020

How to take advantage of social distancing to build a winning team?

Et si la situation mondiale était une occasion de s’améliorer. En tant que leader de […]

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6 December 2018

Get inspired by Christmas to start 2019 with success

Pourquoi sommes-nous si attachés à la période des Fêtes? Pensez-y bien.   C’est avant tout […]

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7 November 2018

Bamboo Space™’s Bottom-Up solution implemented at Videotron [press release]

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE Pour diffusion immédiate Depuis mai 2018, Bambou Space est fière de collaborer […]

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16 February 2018

4 réponses aux préoccupations sur les démarches participatives

Implanter une démarche participative pour capturer les idées d’améliorations de vos employés. En voilà une […]

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1 February 2018

Do you measure your team’s energy?

L’énergie? Non ce n’est pas, le nombre de sorties sportives ou de la consommation moyenne […]

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19 January 2018

5 TRUE characteristics of the organization of the future

Bâtir l’organisation du futur est la priorité de plus de 88% des dirigeants selon une […]

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18 January 2018

5 things missing from your continuous improvement process!

Les démarches d’amélioration continue ont fait couler beaucoup d’encre au courant des dernières décennies. C’est […]

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17 January 2018

Putting out fires: the manager’s reality. 3 tracks of solutions

Le principal défi des entreprises est d’assurer une bonne gestion de leur activité au quotidien […]

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3 January 2018

There’s a monkey in your office. Empower your teams, one improvement at a time

Qu’est-ce qu’un singe? C’est tout ce qui semble atterrir par magie sur votre bureau : […]

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