Our 3-step approach to introducing a bottom-up culture

A proven approach

Our support allows you to accelerate, secure and simplify the adoption of the Bottom-Up Solution™ in your team. Our advisors are present before the deployment, during the launch and during the adoption of the approach. Depending on your business context and the maturity of your continuous improvement process, this approach may or may not include the introduction of the Bottom-Up Solution™.


Get the Support You Need

At Bambou Space, we take the time to fully understand your business and offer you deployment stages aligned with your objectives. Our support adapts to the reality of your business.


Remote Work

While loneliness can promote concentration and limit disturbance, it also contributes to a feeling of isolation. Our advisors identify with you innovative strategies to use the Bottom-Up Solutio™n to break this isolation and promote collaboration.



Our support allows you to gradually integrate a bottom-up approach into your operations. By training your ambassadors in the field, we make sure that the process is anchored in your reality.


Business Networks

Our support allows you to identify concrete ways to use the Bottom-Up Solution™ to coach members of your network.

01. Before the Launch of the Bottom-Up Solution™

  • Identification of short and medium term opportunities
  • Sharing the success criterias of a winning approach
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Initial configuration of access and integration
  • Preparation of a communication plan

02. During Launch

  • Training of ambassadors
  • Creation of a launch video
  • Organization of the official kick-off

03. Post-Launch Follow-Up

  • Team analysis of ideas
  • Sharing the Golden Rules
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Animation of a quarterly lead meeting
  • Celebration of the first year of use
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