Our approach is refreshing, effective and winning!

As experts in continuous improvement, we help business leaders demonstrate the concrete benefits of applying continuous improvement principles.

We help leaders find an effective pace for implementing continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Our approach is repeatable; it builds the continuous improvement muscle
  • Our approach is current; it addresses the challenges of telecommuting, technological complexity, employee engagement, labor shortages, knowledge retention, etc.
  • Our approach is empowering; it uses positive and renewed communication
  • Our approach is human; it relies on listening, consensus and change management
  • Our approach is quantifiable; it allows us to clearly communicate the expected and real benefits

We master and integrate the following themes:



The bottom-up approach places the employee at the heart of the continuous improvement process by giving them a voice. It is an opportunity to name and take action to improve their work environment. The objective is to encourage mutual help, support and recognition to mobilize and engage employees.



Lean focuses on a structured approach to optimizing processes to ensure that they deliver maximum value to customers and employees. Lean focuses on end-to-end processes. It uses simple and effective tools and principles such as kanban, work cells, pull flow, poka-yoke and many others.



The AGILE method proposes to break down a given problem into understandable and simple deliverables. It encourages the formation of a multidisciplinary team committed to the task at hand. The iterative method forces transparency and quick feedback.


Knowledge management and transfer:

It includes a set of methods to create, transfer and use knowledge within a work team. It includes the ability to retrieve key information quickly, collaborate on project-related information, and archive information after a project or change.

Where to start?

An exploratory meeting allows us to understand your current context and to target the best way to initiate a first small winning project.

Here are some examples of interventions we have carried out:

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