The Bottom-Up Solution™ powered by BAMBOU SPACE

The Bottom-Up Solution™, the Space Where Continuous Improvement Takes Shape

Transform the way your team participates in ideas for improvement. The Bottom-Up Solution™ is based on a rigorous problem-solving methodology. It fosters a continuous and long-term commitment of employees to participate in improving the performance and stability of the company.



There is a new way to drive continuous improvement initiatives. Share instantly instead of emailing or creating an Excel file. Make ideas immediately visible to your team and focus your efforts on making solutions a reality.


Learn How to Solve a Problem and Share Lessons Learned

Equip your team with the methodology integrated into the Bottom-Up Solution™ to move from an idea to an implemented solution. Unable to implement the idea, let attendees know the reason with one click. Your team must definitely prefer transparency to secrets.


Communicate Your Expectations

Share your expectations by determining the rate at which you want to advance ideas. Quickly identify with the color system the red ideas those you have lost sight of or the green ideas, those which have recently visualize the ideas in the implementation process


Promote Exchanges

Understand each other’s opinions. Like, improve and signal your intention to participate in the realization of the solution.


Find Out What Changed

Focus on the progress of ideas by staying informed through our notification system.


Anticipate Your Team's Need for Discretion

Some members of your team may be less comfortable sharing their ideas or the problems they are having. The Bottom-Up Solution™ allows you to modulate the anonymity of ideas according to your needs.

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Solutions That Pay Off

The Bottom-Up Solution™ allows you to target improvement at what is really worth it. Realize high-impact ideas: those that aim to reduce recurring costs, reveal inefficiencies, or encourage versatility in your team.


Small Solutions Leading to Big Gains

Small ideas make big successes. Invite your team to write their ideas, they will be available for your team members to improve and analyze. Who knows! This idea may have already been solved elsewhere.


Invest Your Efforts in the Right Place

Reduce risk by inviting the right support people to quickly analyze ideas before taking action.


Promote Initiatives in Line With the Department’s Objectives

Link each idea to one of your team’s strategic goals. Have your challenges changed? No problem, change the goals. With just one click, your teams will be informed and will be able to contribute. A unique way to keep your approach alive.


Measure What’s Important

Know which people interact most often to help grow your business. Creating a winning team requires getting as much interaction as possible from each of its members. Learn about energy metering, a dynamic representation of interactions in your team.

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Configuration of Our Bottom-Up Solution™

A digital solution must be versatile enough to fit the reality of a work team. Configure your space, access, permissions to manage your work team in a simple and efficient way.

Data Security

The ideas for your team that you have created over time are a baseline for your business. Our data infrastructure is built on the highest standards in the industry.

Administration of Your Team

Get a better understanding of your team with integrated dashboards. Receive a weekly summary on the use of the platform and the latest developments.


Via an Integrated Space Visible to All

Quickly include team members either with an invite link, import their email addresses, or link your Active Directory directories. Once on, forget your password and take action with your team.
The Bottom-Up Solution™ offers integration with Microsoft Teams.

Roles and Autorisation

Each member of the team has a role to play. Create groups based on the functions of team members or related to interdepartmental themes. Assign each person a role as an administrator or team member. Keep an eye on who can push ideas forward and gradually lead your team to autonomy.

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01. Before the Launch of the Bottom-Up Solution™

  • Identification of short and medium term opportunities
  • Sharing the success criterias of a winning approach
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Initial configuration of access and integration
  • Preparation of a communication plan

02. During Launch

  • Training of ambassadors
  • Creation of a launch video
  • Organization of the official kick-off

03. Post-Launch Follow-Up

  • Team analysis of ideas
  • Sharing the Golden Rules
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Animation of a quarterly lead meeting
  • Celebration of the first year of use
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If you want to now more about the Bottom-Up approach, please read this blog post.